Revlon Diamond Collection Hair Appliances Gift Guide


by Philippa Lane

Getting the perfect “doo” is not hard to do if you use the right hair appliances for your hair to achieve the look you desire.

I have fine, curly, frizz prone hair and I have discovered some great styling tools from the new Revlon Diamond Collection that are easy to use, effective, and work extremely well.

Today, I would like to share with you some of my favorites.

Revlon 1875W Full Performance Dryer: The first thing that I like to do after washing my hair is dry it, especially during the cooler seasons. Most of the time; I just air dry my hair, but there are times that I prefer to use a blow dryer. The Revlon 1875W Full Performance Dryer is an excellent dryer to use. It is designed to work with all hair types, has a removable cap for easy cleaning, and comes with 2 heat settings and one cold shot button. It is also ceramic with ionic technology, which adds shine to hair, eliminates frizz, and helps prevent damage to the hair cuticles. I like this dryer because it is easy to use and gives me the professional results that I want, without the need to run to a hair stylist.

Revlon ¾” Slim Retro Wave Specialty Iron: I have fine, curly hair, but it does not have much wave to it, but with the Slim Retro Wave Specialty Iron, I can have beautiful, soft, deep waves that last all day and look sleek and natural without damaging my hair. 

Revlon 1” Digital Straightener: If you are looking for a hair straightener without all the fluff, then this digital straightener is the perfect choice. It does exactly what it is designed to do, except if your hair is very thick or course, it may not be effective. It heats up to 430F and comes with a digital temperature display, swivel cord, an auto shut off button, and has ceramic and tourmaline plates.

Revlon 1”Retractable Curling Iron: After using hair appliances, I always have to wait several minutes for them to cool off, before putting them away. The retractable curling iron by Revlon completely eliminates the need to do that, because even while the unit is still hot, it can be retracted and put away before cooling down. I still want to allow any appliance I use to cool before storing, but it is a wonderful feature that I have not seen available with any other curling iron on the market today and saves a lot of time.  The curling iron creates lovely curls and waves, has a 1” retractable barrel, on/off switch, and has a heat setting of 430F. The only con is that it does not come with various heat settings, so there is no way to lower the temperature for fine/thin hair. If you prefer curling irons that have one heat setting, then this is iron may be exactly what you have been looking for. My favorite feature is the retractable barrel, but I do not like that the temperature setting cannot be adjusted.

Revlon 2-in-1 Styler for Straight Styles and Curls: Now, this one amazing styler, because it has the unique ability to create both straight and curly styles using just one styling tool. Even though my hair is naturally curly, sometimes, I want more definition to my curls, so my usual routine is to straighten my hair with a flat iron, then use a curling iron to achieve defined spiral curls, but the 2-in-1 Styler does it all. The Styler is ionic, has rounded slim plates that are equipped with ceramic and tourmaline technology, has various heat settings up to 430F, can be used on all hair types, and both straightens and puts curls in hair quickly and easily.  It also comes with a glove to protect the delicate skin on the hand holding and operating the tool.  This is one of my favorite hair tools, because it simplifies the entire styling process and combines the abilities of two different appliances all in one.

All of the aforementioned styling tools are well made, easy to use, and are very inexpensive, compared to other brands that I have used over the years. They make great gifts to give to someone special or to use yourself and I highly recommend them.

Many of the styling tools that I have just mentioned can be found at ULTA, Kmart, and Walmart from $24.99-$29.99.

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